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Herby Wallace, C6th, Stainless
.012, .014, .017, .020, .026, .030, .036, .046, .054, .070
Herby Wallace passed away on April 5, 2012 and is sadly missed.
He played steel professionally since age 15 and is still one of the
foremost names in the Steel Guitar Industry.
At 18 Herby began working the road circuit with notable artists such as Leroy VanDyke, Nat Stuckey, Donna Fargo, Jody Miller, and
Billy Joe Spears.
Although Herby had never been a full time session player, he has done over 2000 recording sessions, and has backed well over 50 very popular artists.
Since 1969 Herby had been writing instruction courses for the Steel
Guitar for his company HWP, (Herby Wallace Productions). 
Herby was inducted as a member of the International Steel Guitar Hall of Fame in 2001, which he had performed at yearly since 1978. 
He averaged  playing around 15 Steel Guitar Shows a year.
Herby has recorded 12 Instrumental albums from 1980 - 1999.  Three of those albums he did with Legendary Musician Thumbs Carllile
Jagwire Strings is extremely proud to have had Herby Wallace as a dedicated endorser, and we miss seeing him at the shows we attend.
Item #HWC6-70S

Price: $16.50